Biometric-based Timekeeping
Fraud-proof fingerprint scanner and remote data-gathering simplifies timekeeping for multiple locations.

Comprehensive Payroll
Powerful features include time summarization, custom formula, loan ledgers, JV-entry file, W2, and more!

Human Resources
Online recruitment, application, testing, hiring, 201-file, performance evaluation, movement history, memos, and more!

Electronic Remittances
Through our banking partners, near paperless transactions for debit advices and remittances of government premiums.

Employee Portal / eForms
Web-based ot/leave filing, inquiries on loan/leave balances, bulletins, historical payslips, and other communiques improves productivity.

SMS/WAP Connectivity
LOA-filing, tardiness reminders, work schedule-change notices, and loan/leave balance inquiries via your mobile phone.

Open-standard Integration
Compatibility with major electronic time recorders, access-control systems, and accounting applications minimizes double encoding.

Automated Data Transfer Service (Raw Time)
Automated Daily Timekeeping Run (unattended)
Online Performance Management Module
Online Employee Self-service (ESS) COR+E Module
201/HRIS Module
FlexBen Management Module (Enrollment, Claims, Interface to Payroll)
Integrated Attendance-Meal Monitoring System
Automated Data Transfer Service (BPI ATM FILE)
Compensatory Time Off Module (Enrollment, Claims, Interface to Payroll)
Multiple Cost Center GL Reporting Module
Online Time Encoding Facility (small offices)
Employee Coop Management Module
CareerMatch Online Job Posting Recruitment Management Module