About Us

TITANIUM TECHNOLOGIES is a Philippine software company founded in 1991 by Jerry Tieng, Kelvin Te, and Roger Te Un Son - engineers whose formative years were spent growing up in the early days of the PC revolution. Best of friends, the three founded the company right out of engineering school and focused on serving the IT requirements of small- and medium-sized companies.

The company started with custom business applications development for companies engaged in distribution and light manufacturing - covering such sub-industries as office supplies, paper, paint, garments, hardware, textile, real estate, medicine, food, electrical components, and more. These systems cover Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Funds Management, Purchasing Management, General Ledger, Payroll and Point-of-Sales. Company sizes range from small mom-and-pop operations to major industry players with thousands of employees and multi-billion-peso revenues.

With the accumulated experience in deploying such systems, the company reoriented it's development effort in the mid-90's to off-the-shelf or "standardized" systems so that it can better focus in process reengineering and workflow automation design efforts for its clients. Introducing systems such as barcode-based inventory control, paperless sales order transactions, electronic timekeeping, and others.

When local commercial use of the Internet reached critical mass in the late-90's, it identified an opportunity to bring its client base forward to a newer paradigm of connectivity and exchange of information between business partners by launching its web-based ePayroll application under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model.

This evolution redefined our company from selling software as a product TO selling software as a service, which also meant changing our revenue source from a licensing model to a subscription model.


Our mission as a software company is to transform organizations by empowering its people through the tight integration of lean processes, web-enabled technology, and human talent.

Our vision as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider is to continuously reduce the direct cost of software ownership and intangible cost related to inefficient and non-value-adding work processes by implementing managed and subscription-based software systems that encourage self-service, eliminate non-value-add lead times, and improve speed & quality for large and geographically diverse organizations.

Our deep understanding of the business processes of the industry we serve, our appreciation of the nuances of local business conditions and practices, our accumulated talent and experience, and our continuous quest for self-improvement allows us to achieve common goals and conquer business challenges with our clients.


Our company puts great emphasis on offering quality customer service and building long-term business relations with our clients. In fact, a large fraction of our clientele today are from the same clients who have retained our services over the years as well as from the referrals made by highly satisfied clients.

Our culture revolves around total customer satisfaction. All our staff members display the same level of commitment to our core values as they continually strive to provide quality and dedicated service to all our customers. However, we also acknowledge that to make customers happy, we must first make our employees happy. Hence, our management is guided by its PEOPLE FIRST policy of continually challenge every employee to learn, to excel, and to pursue professional development and personal growth. These efforts are important to empower them to be able to confidently and proficiently meet new challenges and provide rewards for their achievement. All our highly competent staff is required to undergo regular trainings to ensure we will be able to provide optimum quality service that we have been known to provide through the years.

Additionally, we run the company like a typical, big Asian family to maintain camaraderie and a strong team spirit. The family enjoys team dinners, outings, 3-day weekends, & flexible time as our way of valuing the importance of a healthy work-life balance to enhance productivity and interaction among members.