In light of the state of our economy, outsourcing non-strategic business processes and reducing bureaucracy has become a compelling survival strategy for a lot of companies. Outsourcing allows companies to focus on "their business" and channel resources away from cost-center tasks to revenue-generating activities.

ePayroll.ph is the Philippine's first web-based outsourced payroll application provider. Our goal is to simplify the demanding and time-consuming tasks related to timekeeping, payroll, human resources, and remittances while making the best software solution affordable through a subscription-based service to local organizations of all sizes.

Comprehensive Features
ePayroll's engine has been successful implemented in over a hundred companies with 20 to 2000 employees during the past ten years. Standard payroll features aside, it provides 40 loans per employee, create JV-entry files for easy import to most G/L software, allows user-defined formula, automates timekeeping, validate overtime against supervisor approvals, provide a self-service web-based inquiry system, automate memo preparation, and more!

Universal connectivity
The key to ePayroll?s end-to-end automation is it?s unparalleled connectivity with systems and processes outside of a traditional payroll application - electronic time recorders, ATM facilities of various banks, various GL software, government institutions, canteen, etc.

Security and Confidentiality Electronic Remittances
Our facilities are secure and data security is our daily concern. We have dedicated specialists tasked to monitor network traffic for suspicious activity while logging all system usage for future auditing. We also employ a combination of PKI, biometrics, and encryption technology to ensure maximum data confidentiality.

Managed Solution
Our dedicated technical team manages and maintains the ePayroll system so that you don?t have to worry about completing payroll preparation on-time just because your system failed and your last backup was three months ago.

Zero Maintenance and Upgrade Costs
Unlike traditionally-installed software, hidden costs arising from future software maintenance and upgrade fees is covered by our subscription fee. Aside from continuous and incremental software enhancements, we also update premiums, tax tables, and other requirements as mandated by law.

Minimal Cash Outlay
Since ePayroll is subscription-based, no software purchase is required* except for a minimal refundable deposit and activation fee. You pay only for the resources you use - no more, no less.

Scheduled Backups
Daily backups using reliable DLT technology plus off-site vault storage ensures maximum data protection. Additionally, password-protected archives on CD ensure timely disaster recovery when needed.

Simplified Procedure
Download raw time data from your time recorder, upload it to us, and get your calculation results and reports in minutes! Print your reports and payslips and payroll?s done!

Convinced? We serve companies with as few as 15 employees and in the most ideal conditions, we can implement and go live within 2 payroll periods. All you need to do is to prepare your masterfiles, beginning balances, year-to-date figures, and complete payroll policies and procedures and we?re all set!

We haven?t seen the worst yet, so start rightsizing your organization now!